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The Norwich Women’s Film Weekend forms part of the history of women’s cinema and feminism as well as the history of culture and the arts in Norwich.
Explore leaflets, posters, and brochures for each year of the NWFW.


A Common Market?

The 1982 weekend concentrated on contemporary British and European films made by women, investigating differences in production, context, and audiences.

Changed Priorities

The theme of the 1984 weekend “Changed Priorities” was demonstrated in the screening of films which engaged with feminist self-actualisation through direct action.

The 7th NWFW

The films selected for the 1986 weekend manifested a concern for issues fundamentally affecting women, including the impact of racial oppression on black women in entertainment.

About the Norwich Women’s Film Weekend

The Norwich Women’s Film Weekend (or NWFW) was a two-day annual event created by the Cinewomen. It ran for 10 years, from 1979 to 1989, at Cinema City in Norwich.

The digitisation of the Norwich Women’s Film Weekend was made possible with a grant by the Norfolk Archives & Heritage Development Foundation and support from Norfolk Record Office and Norfolk Heritage Centre.